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Repair & Maintenance

Service support is the backbone of any industry. Quality control has taken a beating in the past few years. Problems arise since the durability factor of these machines has come down due to cost cutting. At this point, one has to locate the service center, disconnect and carry heavy equipment. At the service centers too, the equipment is just glanced upon and kept aside. The customer is asked to follow up after a few days. Repairs are carried out at card level unnecessarily as component level repair is time consuming and laborious. Company service centers prefer to save their time rather than diagnose and fix the fault in existing cards. This not only adds to e-waste but also makes the repair cost not worth it. Additionally, after repair, the equipment needs to be reconnected correctly and the cables dressed up properly. Often, it has been observed that, wrong or faulty wiring is the cause of equipment failure. All of this can be a task. We try and bridge this gap. One call and our service man is at your doorstep to address the issue and give a solution. Our repair jobs get as close as possible to the original. May be a notch better in some cases. This is possible because of our dedicated workmanship and supply of original components in almost all cases. Availability of original spare parts has always been a bane for the consumer. We ensure that original spares are made available for many of the mid and high end systems.


We  also  offer  consultation  and  do  the  installation  of  home  theatre  and  high  end  audio  set  ups.  We  help  you  configure  what  is  apt  for  your  room  depending  upon  its  size  and  budget. Our  advantage  over other installers is that we are also into repairing of these machines. Hence, we understand the functioning of internal components and circuitry. This helps us take the necessary precaution. Through experience, this has taught us much. However, the learning process never ends. Here are some tid-bit suggestions and tips for buying and installing high end audio video equipment.

When you consider cost of equipment, emphasis should be on quality. Watching and listening to, that is, our senses of “see” and “hear” need to be satisfied fully. In any AV set up, no piece of equipment gets more important and expensive than your eyes and ears. Trust them fully when you audition equipment. And, trust me, they won’t let you down. Equipment that will satisfy your senses won’t come cheap albeit. However, pricing should not be the compulsory deciding factor. It is not necessary that because a piece of equipment is highly priced it has to be good. There is a lot of equipment out there that is majorly over priced for what it can deliver. And, there is also equipment which is not very expensive even though it delivers well. Again, there is equipment which can appease your eyes because it looks trendy and unique and would go well with your interiors. But, does it perform in terms of sound and picture quality to its pricing proportionately.

Pairing specifications of the equipment. You need to check out the specs and features of the equipment that you intend buying. In audio, this will depend much on the purpose of use. Whether it’s going to be for just stereo listening or a home theatre set up. Nowadays, in AV receivers, features such as networking and video processing are being given more importance than sound processing when compared to predecessor models. Also, pairing the specs of the speakers and amplifier with regards to wattage, impedance and frequency response is crucial. The human ear can normally listen to frequencies between just about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (20Khz). Anything outside of this band is usually not heard, though it could be felt if amplified. Again, the need to amplify such frequencies depends on the purpose of the equipment. For example, to amplify the low frequency range of this audible spectrum, a sub woofer is needed. The basic job of a sub woofer is to output those frequencies that are felt. This is because in a multi channel home theatre set up you need to get the "feel" of what you are watching. However, this same physical pressure of air exerted by the sub woofer may actually dampen your interest when listening to music in stereo mode as it may get too "boomy" and cloud the other frequencies. Therefore, for stereo purpose, regular passive floor standing speakers give more wholesome and defining sound. Because of lesser physical pressure of air exerted by the woofers in these speakers, one can define as to what is happening with the bass and other frequencies, which is important when listening to music.

High end, especially audio, has a lot to do with the genre of music you are inclined towards. Since music has a lot to do with passion, a true audiophile usually listens to music that has a tune, rhythm, lyrics, beat. All of which are created by actual instruments played by musicians who are passionate about music themselves. When you audition, take a sample of your choice of music to listen to at the store as the person at the store would not know your likes and dislikes. His knowledge usually is limited to make a sale. And you certainly do not want to listen to techno stuff which is the kind of music where different frequencies, tempo, pitch and sounds of instruments are produced electronically each trying to supersede the other. End result is noise and a headache.

Make note of this. The store where you audition, will usually have an acoustically treated space for demonstration. Do you think you could have the same set up at home? If not, you need to discount the experience appropriately according to the actual set up at your place. Many people buy high end equipment.  However,  after  the equipment  has  been  installed  at  their  place,  they  feel  the  sound they  heard  at  the  time  of  audition  of  that  same  equipment  at  the  store,  was  superior.  This is because of acoustics.  Acoustic  treatment  costs  vary  depending  upon  many  factors  such  as  amount  of  space  to  be  treated, physical  properties  of  the  room,  material  involved,  acousticians’  fees. If  you  decide  to  hire  an  interior  designer  for  your  home,  give  preference  to  someone  who  has  knowledge  of  acoustics. 

Another important factor is to check on the maker of the equipment. Try and avoid makers who spend more on fancy designs unnecessarily. Go for designs that are necessary for better sound definition. Fancy proprietary designing is usually done to restrict access to the insides of the machine in case of service to their service personnel exclusively. And the maker would have spent more on doing the research for this rather than on what the machine should actually do. So you land up not only paying for this unnecessary deliberate design, but also if the equipment needs service, you have to take it to their outlet. This means that you need to have their fully functional service center close to you no matter how small or big a problem could be. Keep in mind though that the products’ overall finish should be elegant.

Manufacturers will promise you the moon on a silver platter. Behold! It is you who has to study the machine and ensure that the manufacturer has emphasized on delivering the specifications and features listed. This goes especially for the functioning of features which have a lot of fine print as to what the machine can do and cannot. Just downloading and reading the owners' manual online may not help as these manuals are common for some models of a product. However, the particular model you intend buying may not support a feature that you are looking for. So, you need to match those specifications actually.

When all the necessary equipment is purchased, you need to figure out designing the unit for  housing  this precious equipment. Matters pertaining to “breathing” space for the equipment,  cable and wire harnessing need special attention. “Breathing” or good ventilation is one vital factor that helps enhance the life of components inside the machine.

Cables too, are crucial when interconnecting various pieces of equipment. One needs to justify spending on cables. No point buying cheap equipment and expensive cables. Or vice-versa. Usually, good quality cables  have less resistance between the ends, more tolerance to interference from outside frequencies and gold plated connectors for thorough contact. These cables can make all that difference between good and bad provided your equipment can handle the resolution or frequency it is designed for. According  to  the  configuration  of  equipment  finalized,  the  interconnects  and  cables  are  tailor  made  and  terminated  so  as  to  be  least  visible.  This  helps  in  the  cosmetic  set  up  of  a  home  theatre  as  the  cabling  is  precise  and  any  wiring  is  exposed  to  a  minimum,  which  is  the  hallmark  of  our  installations.  We  provide  our  clients  with  state-of-the-art  and  innovative  technical  solutions  for  today’s  market. 

These are just some points and can be applied differently as the case may be.