About Us

Many AV buffs will agree, that the feeling one gets when listening  to  a  favourite audio  track  or  watching  a  thriller movie through a good sound system, can be similar to those ecstatic moments when driving a high end luxury car. Or reaching a place where the view around you is breathtaking. I would say, it may be the next best thing to an orgasm for him.

Audio quality is paramount for the audiophile. And in a high end audio set up, the most important component is the human ear. All ears are not the same. Therefore, the purpose of a high end audio system is to be able to replicate and reproduce sound as natural as can be and give life to what is being played through it. Or tweak the sound to the listeners’ preference. After all, it is the medium of communication between the musician and the listener. It is through the discrete channelizing of sound that one gets a “real life” like feel when listening to music or watching a movie.

Such an installation involves not just a high fidelity sound and video system, but also an in depth knowledge of the equipment and acoustics involved which is not limited to just watts, ohms, expensive cables, expensive wooden or carpet flooring, but beyond that into the technical aspects as well. And, of course, a person who knows his job. Or else, it‘s like winking at someone in the dark. This is where we step in.

We are based in Pune, India and have been in the field of customized audio and video set up since 1988. We specialize in the installation, service and repair of many of the mid segment and high end luxury brands in audio equipment and home theatres.